ICFJ Anywhere offers webinar on mobile- and digital-security for journalists facing danger

ICFJ Anywhere is offering the first in a series of webinars, supported by Dow Jones. Digital and mobile security is critically important for journalists and bloggers who work in challenging conditions. This webinar will highlight a combination of new and classic tools to protect journalists in the digital era.

Can crime in Latin America be prevented?

A program for journalists offered by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Administered by the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ)

Latin America and the Caribbean is the world´s most crime-ridden region. Its 2012 murder rate of nearly 24 per 100,000 citizens is amongst the world´s highest. One in five Latin Americans report having been victim of a robbery over the past year. The cost of crime varies from 2 percent of GDP to over 10 percent. And while about 30 percent of Latin America´s murders are linked to drug trafficking, Latin America has been violent for decades, even before the rise of major cartels: its murder rate has been five to eight times higher than that of Europe and Asia since the 1950s.

ICFJ offers online course on covering conflict for Egyptian journalists

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) is offering a six-week online course on covering conflict: challenges, opportunities and best practices for Egyptian journalists. The course will be held from November 18, 2013, to December 29, 2013. The deadline to apply is November 8, 2013.